Worlds Largest Dungeon

Answering the Call

Rilkesh explains the situation to the party, detailing how the dungeon entrance was discovered by a group of local miners. Later, and a several months prior to your arrival, he sent a scouting party into the dungeon of which no word has come. What’s worse, is that his own daughter was sent along with the party and Rilkesh fears the worst.

Using the invitational letter as a ruse, he was able to generate widespread appeal and excitement for the adventure of a lifetime. Only now, you learn of his true intentions…

  • The four member party received their quest from Rilkesh.
  • They mistakenly took two statues, hidden in shadow, as monsters.
  • They entered the dungeon and entered the first room.
  • The group found a crazed, exhausted, group of Orcs which put up no fight at all.



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