As you stand facing the icy cold before you, with crowds cheering you on, you reminice as to how you arrived at this distant place. Several months ago you received a pamphlet detailing an adventure of a lifetime, fraught with peril and a great reward. Within the worn pages of the news article you clearly recall what it said:


Those of great cunning and strength, seeking great glory and fortune, I invite you to the Trial of Bitter Vale. Our village desires you to come forth and test your wits against the depths of the craggy mountains. Those who succeed will be rewarded 100,000 gold pieces for their safe return. Venture forth to the village of Bitter Vale by the 1st of Autumn to seek qualification.


After many months of preparaton, at last you arrived at the freezing mountain village only days before the entrance day, to be greeted by the host, Rilkesh. From him you learned that the dungeon spoken of in the pamphlet was none other than the place recounted only in legend.

It is said that long ago, long before human men lived and many of the other races, that the gods created a great labyrinth to lock the most foul and dangerous creatures in. Only a few short months ago, the entrance to this terrible place was uncovered by accident from a local mining outfit. Strong men, including the daughter of Rilkesh, were sent to investigate, but they never returned. Although nothing of evil has yet emerged from the dark pit, Rilkesh, a rich and powerful man from the coast has become desperate to find out what became of his daughter and men sent before.

Although, since then, the challenge has grown in fame, as word spread quickly of the plight of Rilkesh and the great mystery that the dungeon could hold. The village of Bitter Vale has quickly become a tourist destination, as vendors have set up shop and travellers visit from around the world.

You stand now with a few companions, ready to embark. The adventure has begun…

Worlds Largest Dungeon